Doc. Francesco Galvano

Psychologist, chriminologist ed matter expert in organisational and manegering sciences  He has been involved in training, business consulting, human resources development and business coaching since 2000. He specializes in lie detection techniques and criminal organization dynamics. He collaborated as a trainer in public and private environments where he conducted training on non-verbal communication, negotiation techniques, motivation for business leaders, motivation for sports leaders, self-esteem, public speaking, rapid learning techniques, quick reading and training courses aimed at achievement of specific objectives. He holds a University Master’s in law, criminology and in the Analysis of Emotional Behaviour of the face and body. He is collaborating with research Organisation on behavioural analysis both in Italy and abroad.

Deputy President
Doc. Maria Sansone

Trainer, Life and Business Coach registered with ACOI, Publicist Journalist. Teacher and learning expert, since 2006 she has been involved in teacher training in the areas of teaching, group and relationship management, transversal skills, braille reading and writing for sector operators and training courses for specific needs. As a trainer of the Feuerstein method he follows people for cognitive enhancement. He deals with training for public and private bodies in the communication sector, performance management, public speaking, quiz solving techniques, formal and numerical logic, creativity and intelligence emotional. As a certified life and business coach, she follows people and companies to achieve their objectives, motivating work teams and supporting change, as well as dealing with human resources. Her passion for journalism leads her to be a freelance journalist collaborating with magazines, publish history essays, be a speaker at various conferences and responsible for communications in various projects. Her professionalism, competence and organization aim to support people in achieving their professional and personal growth goals. 

Criminology Area

Doc. Silvia Malafarina

Crimynologist /Responsable

Expert in Philosophical Sciences and teacher for the Ministry of Education, she specialized in Behavioral Analysis, obtaining a university master's degree in behavioral analysis and sciences applied to intelligence and homeland security, a master's degree in analysis of emotional behavior of the face and the body, subsequently obtaining specializations in criminal profiling and open source intelligence and a university master's degree in clinical criminology and forensic sciences. Since 2017 you have been involved in training and consultancy in the field of behavioral analysis, applied in particular to security and anti-terrorism. He is regional commissioner for the National Observatory for monitoring and combating violence. You have collaborated as a training teacher at the Polytechnic University of Turin, for public and private bodies. You have written several specialist articles and is the author of the essay “Lone Wolves and Black Swans. Islamic terrorism in the age of complexity".


XXXXXXXXX /Responsable

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Social/ Political Area

Doc. Giorgia Stanese

responsabile/ researcher
Master's degree in law (DIU thesis); legal practice civil and criminal law; specialization in criminology and human resources management; graduate in psychological sciences and techniques. Teacher-tutor for public and private institutions; collaborations with juvenile educational communities (criminal, civil, administrative circuit); author-speaker radio program Dead sound, Radio Nowhere; researcher / trainer at the Behavioral Observers Unit and (from 2024) responsible for the socio-political research area. Writer at the Giacomo Morandi Editore Switzerland publishing house (“My end already written”; “The dark half of prayer. Sects and Satanism in Italy”); at IGEA CPS editions (“CREATIVE WRITING: How to rediscover personal creativity and its effects on psychophysical well-being”).

Doc. Giulia  Ghiotto 

responsabile/ researcherfrom Padua in Applied Cognitive Psychology. II level Master's degree in Clinical Neurosciences, at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.
She carries out research on attentional cueing with the use of NIRS spectroscopy, at the University of Verona, Department of Neuroscience, biomedicine and movement.
Her personal research on mindset presented at the Shopper Brain Conference in Amsterdam (international conference on Neuromarketing).
Since 2018 you have been a freelance psychologist (at public and private hospitals in the province of Vicenza and at the Fatebenefratelli Sacco hospital in Milan).
Advanced training in the use of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback at the University of Padua. From February 2024 you become an expert and CTU of the Vicenza court in the neuropsychological and psychodiagnostic field.
He collaborates with the School of Psychology of the University of Padua and with the Alumni association, as an expert in the sector for students close to graduating in psychology.
Teacher at IGEA CPS, and at the PSNP association where he holds in-depth courses on cognitive skills.
You are associated with Psychologists in Pharmacy and with the voluntary association of the province of Vicenza.
You carried out the research “Methodologies and Ethical Implications in Interrogation Techniques-A Multidisciplinary Analysis” published in January 2024. "

Social Area

Doc. Conchita Siliquini

Sociologist/Researcher from Rimini. 

Graduated in Sociology at the Faculty of Sociology of the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo” with specialization in “Territory and Environment”. He has a degree in Nursing Sciences and currently holds the role of Nursing Case Manager in the Geriatric sector at the RSA Operating Unit of the Rimini Hospital. He has created two publications contained in Volume XVII supplement n.1-January / February 2005. The first publication is entitled "Nursing governance for the elderly at risk of restraint" 199-206, C.E.S.I. Sas Editore Rome; The second entitled "The nursing governance of the elderly with delirium" 193-198, C.E.S.I. Sas Editore Rome. The researcher contributed to the following research: "Graphology in legal contexts and behavioral analysis". Author of the research "Behavioral analysis of fake testimonies"..

Doc. Anna Maria Giulia Vernacchia

sociologist/researche from Salerno

"Sociology therapist, family mediator. Sociologist A.N.S., DC, National Association of Sociologists, Campania Department"/Campania researcher of the Province of Salerno. Thematic collaborator in sociology of disability, expert of the C.R.P.D., Convention on the right of persons with disabilities. Coordinator O.P., Optional Protocol, of the Equinability Committee of the C.R.P.D. Clinical sociologist: interventions on social problems within social organizations. Systemic/relational family mediator: intervention aimed at couples, families and aimed at reorganizing family relationships. Founder and President of the Association "Pandora and his vase", 2006/2009. O.S.A. and O.A.E.D., at "Venus Cultural Association", Authority of Professional Training Accredited Campania Region. Annual Publishing: Sociology, Sociology on the Net. War from dictatorship, "from pro-war propaganda by prosecutor to disability, according to a mainstream (transversal) approach to the general theme". Online reverses: sociologies. "From New York to Naples".  

Doc. Fabio Figna

Quality Control Manager/Researcher
Graduated in strategic sciences with a master's degree in behavior analysis. Red Cross operator and operator for public Emergency. 15Teen years of experience in the specialties "military operations to support  communications" and intelligence in peace support missions.