Francesco Galvano

Psychologist, criminologist and expert in organizational and management sciences. He has been involved in training, business consulting, human resources development and business coaching since 2000. He specializes in lie detection techniques and criminal organization dynamics. He collaborated as a trainer in public and private environments where he conducted training on non-verbal communication, negotiation techniques, motivation for business leaders, motivation for sports leaders, self-esteem, public speaking, rapid learning techniques, quick reading and training courses aimed at achievement of specific objectives. He holds a University Master’s in law, criminology and in the Analysis of Emotional Behaviour of the face and body. He is collaborating with research Organization on behavioural analysis both in Italy and abroad.

Flavia Munafó

Sociologist, expert in the analysis of cultural processes, counselor, sociotherapist, mindfulness trainer, partner in Behaviour System Analysis. President of macro-deputation central italy for Associazione Sociologi Italiani


- Analysis of torque dynamics
- Study of late roman antiquity
- Emotional intelligence

Andrea Checcucci

Expert in Organizational and Management Sciences and Political Sciences
On the basis of training and experience, he has begun the study of leadership in an interdisciplinary way, analysing all its evolutionary aspects: historical, sociological, philosophical, psychological and anthropological since 2004. During this period, he has carried out many communication, leadership and coaching courses in every field of application. Due the study of the various disciplines, he is able to analyse, synthesize and expose a vision of leadership contextualized to the global era. The basis of these studies is contained in the book “Commandship. The leadership of innate excellence ". The development of the various developments, about this new concept, is still ongoing. In the short / medium term he will publish new aspects relating to the analysis of interdisciplinary studies.

Tina Zaccato

Sociologist specialized in Communication, Mass Media and Methodology of
Social Research. She is an expert in Criminology and Cultural Mediator.
President of Eùnomìa - Centre for Studies and Research in Sociology,
Psychology, Criminal Sciences and Criminology. Voluntary tutor for
unaccompanied minors at the Court of Castrovillari (CS). She is engaged in
various interventions as: sociological, psychological, criminological, cultural
mediation activities; different work contexts and projects associations; non-profit, public and private organizations of research; training activities in the various social and legal environments; education, training activities in the social health sector. She has managed projects aimed at Public Education on bullying, cyber bullying and social emergencies such as the psychological effects of punishment on the minor together with another association partner, the Juvenile Court of Castrovillari (CS). She conducted specific studies on the phenomenon of immigration, migratory flow, social situation in the urban area and in penitentiary contexts at the Castrovillari prison (CS), where she involved in Intercultural mediation studies on behalf of the University of Naples Federico II. In the behavioural analysis sector, she has conducted the research of groups within the prison institution. About the coexistence of leader and co-leader, she conducted a research on the function of in-group and out-group between prison guards and inmates starting from the Theory of Social Identity and Conflict
(Turner and Tajfel).