Anti Terrorism

The training courses are mediated by an instructor specialized about: analysis of group dynamics, identification of leaders, analysis and use of propaganda, counter-propaganda techniques, terrorist threat detection techniques, detection of security flaws, training of staff assigned to control sensitive areas.

Transcultural Behavioral Analysis

The studies and experiences gained in many fields, have allowed the team of researchers to train and work in the modality of analytical behavioural approach between oriental and western culture.
The training seminars offer the concrete possibility of learning the numerous cultural facets used during all the negotiation phases.

Analysis of non-verbal communication

Through the study of the most recent research in the sector, the use of the
techniques learned in the course allows participants to scientifically analyse non-verbal and paraverbal communication.

Personnel selection and job interviews

Modern companies are looking for qualified personnel with highest-level
professional. In terms of curricular analysis and skills evaluation for the role to play, it results particularly important to place the right person in the right place. Through the training of the instructor it is possible to raise company levels towards higher business goals.

Training of law enforcement and special forces

It consists in training activities for specified operators in the field of: Behavioural Analysis Communication Techniques, Interrogation Techniques, Negotiation Techniques, Persuasion Techniques and Humanitarian Intelligence activities.