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13/06/2023- 20:15 (Rome Time) - WEBINAR FREE IN ITALIAN

Behavioural analysis and Counter terrorism

In this webinar, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the secrets of human behaviour and strategies to effectively exploit them. You will discover the theoretical foundations of behavioural analysis, explore behavioural patterns used to detect signs of radicalisation and potential terrorist threats. You will learn about key behavioural indicators and characteristics to identify suspicious individuals, learn about behavioural profiling methodologies and techniques to collect and analyse relevant data. You will examine successful case studies where behavioural analysis has played a crucial role in preventing terrorist attacks. You will discuss the challenges and limitations of behavioural analysis in counter-terrorism and receive practical tips for implementing behavioural analysis strategies in security agencies and other organisations involved in terrorism prevention. This webinar is aimed at security professionals, law enforcement practitioners, intelligence analysts, human behaviour experts, government officials and anyone interested in learning about the latest techniques in behavioural analysis and counter-terrorism. Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your knowledge and protect our society.

20/06/2022 -  18.30 - FREE WEBINAR IN  ENGLISH

The impact of video communication on non-verbal cues

Join us for this webinar that will explore the impact of video communication on non-verbal expressions. In an increasingly digital world, video calls have become an essential part of our daily interactions. But how do these communications affect our facial expressions, body language and other non-verbal signals? During the webinar, we will address this topic and achieve the following objectives:Understand the importance of non-verbal expressions in human communication.Examine the changes and challenges that video communication presents for non-verbal expressions.Analyse the effects of technical limitations, such as low resolution or transmission delay, on the perception of non-verbal expressions.Explore strategies to improve the understanding of non-verbal expressions during video calls. Discuss the importance of adapting and being aware of one's non-verbal expressions in a video communication context.Present case studies and recent research on the impact of video communication on non-verbal expressions.Provide practical tips for maximising the effectiveness of non-verbal expressions during video calls.This webinar is open to anyone interested in improving their effective communication via video media. Whether you are a communication professional, manager, lecturer, student, or involved in remote work or video conferencing, you will be welcome. Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of non-verbal expressions in video calls and improve your communication skills.

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The Behaviour Analysis Team is a team of people with different specializations in the psychological, sociological and forensic fields. The group deals with research, consultancy and training in the field of behavioural analysis.