"People may not remember what you said, but
they will never forget how you made them feel"

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Convention with the University of Padua for psychology internship frequencies.

An agreement completed between Noc and the University of Padua has made it possible to frequency, to the Master who will begin on the next February,  of  psychology trainees of the same university.

Updated Research

We invite you to read our recently published article:

"Exploring Attachment Styles and their Influence on Interpersonal Dynamics"

Delve deeper into the meaning of the operational analysis of nonverbal communication and discover how attachment styles influence interpersonal relationships.

Next Events

Monday 04/08/24, 8.30 pm: Webinar in Italian
promoted in collaboration with Brain Week - Issue of Certificate of Participation
"Emotional enhancement from a behavioral perspective for children” 

Brain Week" Learn more about the styles of attachment and their influence on interpersonal dynamics with emphasis on the behavioral analysis of non-verbal communication.
if interested to info@behavioranalysisteam.it

Tuesday  04/23/24    20,45, (Rome time) Webinar in English "Decoding Emotions: Predictive Processing Analysis" 

Learn more about decoding emotions and predictive processing analysis.

Don't miss the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and participate in these inspiring events.
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Become a member of an international team by enriching your knowledge and your curriculum vitae.
In May We are expanding our research group and are looking for the following bachelor or master degree graduates: medicine, psychologists, communication experts, sociologists, biological sciences, criminologists, political sciences. Also since this year we have expanded the selection to rare languages connoisseurs. A short initial interview, we offer free training. Contact us for more information


Who we are

The Behaviour Analysis Team is a team of people with different specializations in the psychological, sociological and forensic fields. The group deals with research, consultancy and training in the field of behavioural analysis.